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12% OFF 2 Day Merzouga Birding Tour in Morocco
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Merzouga, Morocco
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Explore Birds in Morocco with Our Tours

Welcome to an amazing journey into the world of birds in Morocco! Our bird tours offer a special chance to see the many different kinds of birds in this beautiful country.

Why Pick Our Bird Tours?

Bird Experts: Our guides really know about birds and love sharing their knowledge. They’ll make your bird watching experience fun and interesting.

Different Trips: Explore different places, from the coast to the mountains, and discover lots of different types of birds in Morocco.

Nice Places to Stay: Relax in comfortable places to stay that match the beauty of the places you’ll visit during your birding adventure.
Birds You Can See
Fancy Bald Ibis:Watch these cool birds fly along the coast of Morocco.

Cool Falcon: See the amazing flying of the Lanner Falcon, a big bird that lives in the desert and not-so-dry areas.

Colorful Red start: Look at the bright feathers of this small bird that likes the Atlas Mountains.

Funny Monkey: Meet these interesting monkeys, a special and fun part of Morocco’s wildlife.

Tour Choices

Fun Coastal Tour

Check out the coast of Morocco, where you can see many birds that like the ocean. This tour mixes bird watching with great views of the sea.

Exciting Atlas Tour

Go on an adventure through the Atlas Mountains and see lots of different birds with beautiful views all around.

Desert Oasis Adventure

Find out about birds living in Morocco’s desert oases, with chances to see birds that travel a lot and ones that live there all the time.

Book Your Bird Tour Today!

Start your adventure with our birding tours in Morocco. Enjoy nature and learn about birds in a fun way. Book your tour now for a really great experience!

If you want to book or have questions, get in touch with us for more details.

you explore the country’s beauty and diversity. With Moorish Tour as your guide, you will experience an unforgettable adventure through captivating landscapes and cultural wonders.


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