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Tours From Tangier

TOURS: Tours From Tangier

7 days70
  • Location3
  • Amenities5
  • Services3
  • Price5
  • Rooms3
Tangier, Morocco
6 days70
  • Location3
  • Amenities5
  • Services3
  • Price4
  • Rooms3
Tangier, Morocco
5 days70
  • Location4
  • Amenities5
  • Services4
  • Price3
  • Rooms3
Tangier, Morocco

Morocco Tours from Tangier

Discover the finest Morocco Desert Tours from Tangier, showcasing the most captivating destinations in this diverse country. These thoughtfully crafted itineraries are tailored to satisfy your wanderlust and provide an authentic experience alongside the locals. Look no further as you’ve come to the right place!

Are you ready for an incredible Sahara desert experience starting from Tangier? Picture yourself riding a camel through Erg Chebbi, spending a night under the stars. Imagine exploring vast oases, Kasbahs, and canyons in a 4×4 vehicle. Look no further! Moorish Tour promises an unforgettable Morocco Sahara desert tour from Tangier, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you have four days, a week, or more, you can embark on an amazing Moroccan Sahara desert adventure from Tangier. On your way to Merzouga and Erg Chebbi, you’ll discover the charming Berber town of Chefchaouen and the Imperial city of Fes. With a week available, you can even combine visits to both Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga in one comprehensive desert tour from Tangier.

Our Morocco Desert Tours from Tangier are designed for individuals, friends, families, couples, small groups, and large groups alike.

More About Our Customized Desert Trips from Tangier

morocco desert touurs from tangier

Tangier, a northern Moroccan city, serves as a lively crossroads connecting Africa and Europe. Nestled in a breathtaking location, it offers panoramic views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Travelers appreciate its role as a transportation hub, particularly when arriving from Spain.

Tangier is the preferred starting point for many adventurers embarking on journeys across Morocco. This is why we provide tailored tours from Tangier to Marrakech, encompassing the most enchanting destinations in this beautiful nation.

No matter where you want to end your tour or which places interest you the most, our desert tours from Tangier can be tailored to meet your needs. Our team at Moorish Tour is dedicated to helping each traveler fulfill their desires and create a unique itinerary at an affordable price. Whether you’re a couple looking for a romantic escape, a family eager to explore Morocco, a group of friends seeking adventure, students seeking a cultural experience, or a foreign travel company looking to collaborate with a local agency, we’re here to accommodate your requests and offer an exceptional travel experience.

What’s Included in Our Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Tangier?

Our Tangier Desert Tours offer various inclusions depending on your accommodation preferences:

– Knowledgeable driver and guide fluent in English.
– Transportation for pick-up and drop-off directly at your accommodations.
– Comfortable private transportation.
– Personalized private room at your chosen accommodation.
– Private tent at the Desert Camp, customized to your desired tent type.
– Camel ride experience or optional 4×4 transfer to and from the camp.
– Sandboarding.
– Fuel.
– Dinner and breakfast are usually included in our tours, except in certain cities like Casablanca, Rabat, and Chefchaouen.

What to Bring for Your Overnight Desert Stay

For your night in the desert, you’ll only need to bring essential items. There’s no need for sleeping bags, as both the standard and luxury camps provide comfortable amenities such as real beds, pillows, and plenty of blankets. We recommend packing long pants, lightweight shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat (especially for the summer), and a small backpack for your belongings. You won’t need any unnecessary items as you enjoy your desert adventure.

Differences Between Standard and Luxury Camps

Standard Camp: While the tents are private, it’s important to note that the toilets and bathrooms are separate and shared in both the standard and luxury camps.

Luxury Camp: The tents in the luxury camp offer more space and come with private toilets and bathrooms. Each tent is equipped with hot water facilities. Additionally, you can enjoy amenities such as Wi-Fi access and charging points for your phone and camera.

Additional Activities in the Merzouga Desert

Certainly! You can enhance your desert tour experience by adding thrilling ATV or Buggy rides amidst the captivating sand dunes. This exciting activity can be seamlessly included in your tour package, with the cost factored into the overall price.

At Morocco Desert Tours from Tangier, we prioritize flexibility to ensure your satisfaction. If you’d like to include ATV or Buggy rides in your tour, simply let us know in advance or during the tour, and we will make the necessary arrangements to fulfill your request.

How to Book a Tour with Moorish Tour Agency

Booking our Tangier Desert Tours is a straightforward process. Typically, we request a small deposit paid through convenient methods such as PayPal, Wise, or bank transfer. The remaining payment can be made in cash to your driver/guide when you’re picked up.

Paying the deposit doesn’t involve any additional charges. If you prefer, you have the option to pay the full amount or half in advance using secure online payment platforms like PayPal or Payoneer to minimize the need for carrying cash. Please note that paying the full amount via PayPal will incur an extra 5% fee to cover PayPal charges while using Wise or bank transfer will have

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you explore the country’s beauty and diversity. With Moorish Tour as your guide, you will experience an unforgettable adventure through captivating landscapes and cultural wonders.


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